Monday 5 November 2018

Creative Expressions

Happy Belated Halloween.

I'm sorry that this is late but I had some technical difficulties getting my pictures onto my blog . When I realised what I was doing wrong ... well now I can't show you this Halloween project . 
This is intended to be a fun piece of inspiration and as a such I won't explain every step but share some ideas .

I'm going to list the Creative Expressions products I used to creat this here ( so that it's clear what I used ) :-
Woodware Stamps, Toadstool Clump , Toadstool Ring and Old Letter .
Cosmic Shimmer Black and White Gesso.
Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Mixed Media Paint, Red Apple, Sweet Satsuma and Orange Popsicle .
Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish, Silver Hessian, Apricot and Chocolate Bronze.
Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Shimmering Watercolour Paints , Set6 , Antique Shades .
Distress Inks , Old Paper and Gathered Twigs .
Distress Oxides , varied including Peacock Feathers, Fossilised Amber , Spiced Marmalade, Seedless Preserves and Vintage Photo .

I made the hat over black card and the shelf unit out of mount board . The base was rescued from a skip ( I did ask politely if I 
could have it ! ) I covered all three with crumpled black tissue paper by coating the area with matte medium and attaching the tissue by spreading another coat of medium over the tissue. When dry I painted black gesso over everything. Finally I rubbed the Gilding Polish over the tissue paper catching the raised areas .

I stamped and embossed in gold The Toadstools onto black tissue paper and applied it to to the hat to create a design all around the 
hat . I originally painted the toadslools before applying them with Matt Medium but discovered that this lifted the paint off the paper . So I advise painting them once attached to the hat !

Here's a picture of the way I made the little books . I stuck pieces of mount board onto fabric and then stuck down the edges . Once dry the covers were coloured with Distress Oxides in exactly the same 
way as colouring paper . In fact I also coloured some paper at the same time to used for various items . Cut a small piece of this paper to line the cover . Then cut several pieces of paper that will be the 
pages of the book . The best way to do this is to cut them so that they can be folded in half to make two pages . If the book is to be 
open cut a double page for the centre of the book . I stamped the writing from Old Letter onto this center page . I found that for such 
a small item I needed to stamp twice , the second time between the first lines of script to create script close enough together. Also I used Old Paper distress ink to colour the other pages !

The scrolls were also made with paper coloured with Distress Oxides and cut into strips . I was lucky because I found some mini 
rolling pins which I used as the ends of the scrolls . To colour the wood I dabbed some Distress Oxide onto the palette and mixed it with a little Matt Medium to make a glaze.

All the plastic bits and pieces ( skeleton, skull, spider etc ) and the 
bottles were painted with black Gesso . When dry I dry brushed white Gesso over all of these to highlight the bones etc . I thought the white was too bright so I mixed some Gathered Twigs  with Matt Medium to tone the colour down .
The Pumpkins were painted with the various paints .

I really hope you enjoyed this bit of Halloween fun and that maybe it inspired you to create something as well ,
Bye until next time ! 

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