Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Top and side of box

Hi there , welcome to my blog . As this is my first post I thought I would start with some pictures of a painted box . I have been a Decorative Painter for many years having originally come across someone demonstrating at a craft fair . I was instantly attracted to this form of painting because I liked the idea of learning how to use the paintbrush to paint strokes which would then be used to create designs . This seemed to me the obvious way to learn to paint ( like learning the letters of the alphabet before reading ! )
Since then I have gone to many classes to learn many different forms of painting . I have also learn about colour theory and colour mixing which is invaluable when painting . I have also learnt a lot about painting with many types of acrylic paint and mediums . I love acrylic paint because it is fast drying , so that any mistakes can be covered quickly ! This suits my way of working especially as I like fast results .

These two pictures are from the top and side of a lovely box that I found . It was a beautiful shape but needed some beautiful decoration . I designed the decoration to fit the box and painted it using Jo Sonja’s acrylic gouache ( which is a lovely make of paint , rich in pigment ) . The picture of the lady is on the top and the flowers form part of the side decoration .
Since starting to paint , I have like many people become interested in many other related forms of art and craft . I particularly love designing , not just for painting but also mixed media and stamping crafts . I have taught decorative painting for some years and now teach using paints and stamps .
I hope to share some of the projects that I have created within this blog and I intend to show some step by step projects so that it will be possible to see how a project has been created . For now I will just leave you with these pictures and I will be back soon .

Welcome to my new blog!

A big hello to everyone who reads this. This is my new blog. My friends and family have been encouraging me to set up a blog for a while. So here it is! 
I shall be uploading exciting content in due course so please bear with me while I learn how to do this!