Monday, 7 November 2016

Creative Expressions Tuesday

Hi there , today I have a Christmassy project to share with you . I know , it's not Christmas yet but it's fun to start making bits and pieces to decorate the house . So I thought I would start with a pretty
Christmas Snow Globe. .

First I painted everything ( Snow Globe , Reindeer , trees and snowflake ) with white  gesso. You will probably need two coats .

Sprinkle Pixie Powders over the back of the Globe . Pixie Powders don't react quite the same way on paint as on paper , I think the water is not absorbed into the paint as fast . However that means you can get a lovely background effect on paint . I sprayed lots of water onto the globe and added more powder .
You can see the Powders spreading in the water . By wobbling the globe a little the colours can be encouraged to spread and mix . If there are any little bits that don't mix you can ' help ' them with a small paintbrush.

I did dry this with a heat gun but keep it further away from the globe than usual because the water is blown around if the airflow gets too near .

Once dry the shimmer is lovely . Colours used - Midnight Sky , Midnight Blue and Emerald Green .

I coloured the trees and Reindeer in the same way . Colours used - Emerald Green and Golden Mint for the trees and Bronze Blush with White Pearl for the reindeer.

When I put the globe together I decided that the colours on the reindeer were too pale and I coloured them with Graphite Gilding Polish to make them stand out . I thought you would like to see the original colour in case you prefer it .

I stamped the spots from Inky Christmas onto the trees and embossed with Snowcap powder.

I stamped the foliage from Inky Christmas around the edges of the Snow glob frame and embossed with a mixture of Blue Zircon  and White Fire  powder . The two colours mix beautifully to create a paler blue that tones well with the background.

I then stamped the stars from Midnight Waltz onto the background and used Snowcap  embossing  powder .

Finally I stuck all the pieces together to create the winter scene.
I rubbed Graphite Gilding Polish around the edges of the globe and over the snowflake. I then stamped the largest bauble from Inky Christmas onto the snowflake and used Snowcap  powder again .
I think the Pixie Powders really add a lovely shimmery effect and by using gilding polish and glitter embossing Powders the whole project looks really sparkley and festive .

Creative Expressions items used for this project:
MDF--- Snow Globe, Reindeer Accessory pack , Tree Accesory pack , Snowflake Accessory pack .
Stamps --- Inky Christmas and Midnight Waltz.
Pixie Powders ---  Golden Mint, Emerald Green, Midnight Blue and Midnight Sky .
Embossing Powders--- Brilliant Sparkle , Snowcap, White Gold and Blue Zircon.
Gilding Polish---Graphite.
White Gesso .

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