Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Blue Flowers and Bird House

Hi there , I want to show you this plaque because it is a mixture of stamping and painting . The background flowers are simply stamped onto the painted plaque in two colours before the main flowers were stamped . I have used PaperArtsy stamps for this design . Once the ink is dry I used PaperArtsy Grunge Paste to paint on the flowers to create texture on the petals . This has to be left to dry before the next stage .
Once the grunge paste was dry I painted the flowers with various shades of blue and added the highlights by dry brushing white paint over the raised areas . The centers of the flowers were created by adding dots of the grunge paste . When the rest of the painting was dry I rubbed Treasure Gold over the dots to make them stand out .
It's fun to mix techniques like this using ideas from different areas of the craft and art world .

Fairy Mannequin

I found this mannequin in a shop that sells things at reduced prices . It looked very sad  - it's clothes were horrible . So I removed all of the original coverings and painted the stand dark blue and the body turquoise .So much better !

I then spent a long time cutting out lots of flowers from various scrapbooking papers . It's amazing how many flowers I needed . These were then stuck onto the body of the mannequin , overlapping each other to make it look like a flower garden . I decorated the front and the back so that it looks pretty from all angles .

The seed beads were stuck on in random patches to add to the design .Around the neck is a piece of lace and more seed beads .

The wings were made from wire wrapped in ribbon and then covered in tulle . I also used the tulle to tie a bow at the base of the wings .

I think that this mannequin looks much better that it did when I originally found it and I enjoyed decorating it so much that I have gone on to decorate other mannequins in different ways .

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Green Circle Frame

Hi there everyone , I'm back with a taste of my latest work with my new stamps from PaperArtsy . If you want to see the complete project and instructions then hop over to www. paperartsy.co.uk  and have a look . You will also find all manner of wonderful projects by other designers on the blog .
This picture shows a small piece of the finished work which is a circular plaque decorated with Christmas baubles . I know it's not Christmas yet but sometimes it's nice to started early !

The central background of the plaque was painted with Guacamole fresco finish paint . The embossed design was stamped on tissue first to be sure of the position of the stamped images .

Here you can see part of the outer frame which has
painted and then covered with crackle medium .

This photo shows how the frame has been stamped and embossed with a stamp from Lin Brown's new stamps and one of my stamps . The images were embossed in gold and dark green embossing powder .

There are three bauble stamps in the range and here they have been stamped onto patterned paper before cutting out each bauble .

When the whole piece has been assembled , adding some chains for the baubles , it makes a lovely Christmas home d├ęcor piece .

The picture below shows a close up of part of the plaque . I hope you have enjoyed seeing this -- I'll be back soon .

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Marbled Background Treasure Boxes

My projects today on the PaperArtsy Blog are a pair of treasure boxes with marbled backgrounds .The whole project and instructions are on that blog so I won't repeat everything here . The two boxes were painted with the same autumnal colours however one is a deeper colour than the other . The picture below shows the finished darker box .

Both of the boxes have been stamped with images from my stamps . The images have been embossed to create a background effect .

Two of the fairies from the stamp sets have been stamped and coloured with similar autumnal shades before adhering them to the boxes .

Below are a few pictures of the two finished boxes .

As they say , 'That's all for now folks ' , back soon.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Project Drape

Welcome back . This week I am showing three projects that I have created using my new stamps which are made by PaperArtsy . The three projects will be shown in full on the PaperArtsy blog so hop over there if you want to see everything .
The picture below shows a small part of the whole project.

This project started life as a wooden plaque and a piece of fabric ! The fabric was stiffened and stuck to wood with any one of a number of mediums (I used Jo Sonjas Fabric medium - but slightly diluted PVA glue would work as well ).The fabric was pleated and shaped while it was wet and left to dry .
When the fabric was dry , the leaf design was stenciled on using Grunge Paste ( PaperArtsy ) . Small half pearls were stuck on and also lace around the edge of the fabric . The whole piece was then painted to achieve a uniform colour .
The plaque was coloured by spraying on diluted paint and then the raised areas were dry brushed with white paint to make them stand out .

The picture below shows three of the fairies from my stamp sets which have been coloured and then adhered within these flower shapes ( I think they are Prima mechanicals but I foolishly threw away the wrapper ) .
Finally the fairy images were adhered to the plaque to create the project shown in the picture below .

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing the finished work and I will be back soon .

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Lace and Flowers


Hello again , finally I'm back with another post ! I thought that I would share a painted project with you today . This is a large flat box and the picture shows the lid . The box itself is quite shallow but is a lovely size to store notes and similar treasures .
The center of the lid is painted with lots of layers of colour slowly building up to the pale highlights .The corners are painted with fine lines and bots in a warm white to create a lacey effect . This is a lovely decorative painting technique and can be used as an addition to a design or as the complete design .

Here is a close up of the central panel which shows how the multiple thin glazes blend to create depth in the painting .
I have always loved painting and have been a decorative painter for many years . I find that this translates easily into stamping projects because everything I have learnt about painting backgrounds and colour theory is just as appropriate to stamping .
I hope you liked this little taste of one of the type of things I like to do . See you all soon.