Monday, 15 September 2014

Project Drape

Welcome back . This week I am showing three projects that I have created using my new stamps which are made by PaperArtsy . The three projects will be shown in full on the PaperArtsy blog so hop over there if you want to see everything .
The picture below shows a small part of the whole project.

This project started life as a wooden plaque and a piece of fabric ! The fabric was stiffened and stuck to wood with any one of a number of mediums (I used Jo Sonjas Fabric medium - but slightly diluted PVA glue would work as well ).The fabric was pleated and shaped while it was wet and left to dry .
When the fabric was dry , the leaf design was stenciled on using Grunge Paste ( PaperArtsy ) . Small half pearls were stuck on and also lace around the edge of the fabric . The whole piece was then painted to achieve a uniform colour .
The plaque was coloured by spraying on diluted paint and then the raised areas were dry brushed with white paint to make them stand out .

The picture below shows three of the fairies from my stamp sets which have been coloured and then adhered within these flower shapes ( I think they are Prima mechanicals but I foolishly threw away the wrapper ) .
Finally the fairy images were adhered to the plaque to create the project shown in the picture below .

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing the finished work and I will be back soon .

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  1. Wonderful project Elizabeth & the technique with the fabric is brilliant!

    Lesley Xx