Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fairy Mannequin

I found this mannequin in a shop that sells things at reduced prices . It looked very sad  - it's clothes were horrible . So I removed all of the original coverings and painted the stand dark blue and the body turquoise .So much better !

I then spent a long time cutting out lots of flowers from various scrapbooking papers . It's amazing how many flowers I needed . These were then stuck onto the body of the mannequin , overlapping each other to make it look like a flower garden . I decorated the front and the back so that it looks pretty from all angles .

The seed beads were stuck on in random patches to add to the design .Around the neck is a piece of lace and more seed beads .

The wings were made from wire wrapped in ribbon and then covered in tulle . I also used the tulle to tie a bow at the base of the wings .

I think that this mannequin looks much better that it did when I originally found it and I enjoyed decorating it so much that I have gone on to decorate other mannequins in different ways .

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