Thursday, 12 October 2017

Creative Expressions Winter Tags

Tag 5 Poinsettias

Well I'm back with the final tag of this set . Although I don't use dies a lot the main part of this tag is created using a lovely Poinsettia Die by Sue Wilson.

Again the background was painted in the same way as described for tag 1  . I mixed a little of the green paint with texture paste and spread it through the Acorn Leaves stencil. Once dry I rubbed the gilding polish mix over the raised areas and around the edges of the tag .

I stamped the Flourish as shown using a mixture of glitter and white embossing powder . I added a little lace from my stash along one edge .

To make the Poinsettias I used the lovely Poinsettia Die  by Sue Wilson to cut two large , two medium and one small flowers , also two centres from Coconut White foundations Card .  These act as supports for the flowers which are cut from a very fine calico and an embroidered net . Yes the Die cuts fabric ! I cut two pieces of each fabric for each piece of card . The fabric is layered over the card , one piece on the petals and the second at an angle , first the calico as seen at the bottom right of the picture. Then layer the net over the calico in the same way. I then stuck the medium onto the large flowers . Before attaching the centres I stuck glitter to them and added a pearl in the centre . Once the glue is dry the card can be lifted a little to add dimension to the flowers .

I stuck the flowers in place as shown and added a few  pearl flourishes from my stash .

Creative Expressions products used for this tag:- 
Creative Expressions Clear Stamps, Inky Christmas.
That Special Touch Mask, Acorn Leaves .
Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson Classic Poinsettia.
All other items are the same as used for the other tags .

So that's the fifth and last tag . I hope that you have enjoyed sharing them with me .
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Creative Expressions Winter Tags

Tag 4 Little Angel.

Hi there , I'm back again with tag 4 . I've used a Little Angel from the Christmas Grab Bag which I've decorated and given a pretty skirt to . After all even angels want pretty skirts!


I've coloured the MDF Angel with several layers of Embossing Powder. Perfect Medium can be applied directly to the MDF and then emboss with two layers of silver powder and a final layer of Tropic Aqua Blaze. I treated the MDF Star in the same way , but applied Persian Sea Aurora first and silver last . Adding several layers of Embossing Powder like thief creates a smooth rich surface and by using more than one colour creates interesting effects .

The skirt is made from an old lace handkerchief that I cut a corner from . I gathered the long edge with a small running stitch and pulled it tight so  it fitted over the Angel . The corners can be tucked under the arms and then stick the skirt in place . A few tiny pearls hide the edge .

I stamped and embossed  , in silver , the Floral corners from the stamp set across the base of the tag . There is also a floral swag in this stamp set which I stamped and embossed twice across the top of the tag.

I used dimensional glue to attach the star and angel to the tag . The tag was completed by attaching pearls and roses as shown .
I think the little angel looks very happy in her new skirt ! 

Creative Expressions products used for this tag:- 
Creative Expressions Clear Stamps, Christmas Eve.
MDF. Christmas  Mega Grab Bag .
Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder, Persian Sea Aurora, Tropic Aqua Blaze and Detail Silver Shine .Self Adhesive Pearls Cream 8mm .
Silver Organza Ribbon Roses .

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Creative Expressions Winter Tags

Tag 3 Winter Reindeer.

Hi there , I'm back with tag number three , again with a painted background as described for tag 1 . I made this background a little darker by using more paint .

I cut a piece of corrugated card to fit over the tag as shown , then tore away some of the surface paper to reveal the corrugations. I painted these revealed areas with the purple paint I mixed for the backgrounds. Next I used a stencil to create a poinsettia like effect by spreading texture Paste through it . Once dry I painted the rest of the card with the colours id used before..  Finally I rubbed some of the gilding polish mix over the raised areas and around the edges .

I mixed some of the purple paint with texture Paste and spread this through the cross stitch stencil onto random areas on the tag . Once dry I rubbed the gilding polish mix over the raised and around the edges. Finally I stamped holly leaves from the stamp set , with black ink , onto the remaining
areas .

I stamped and embossed in gold the words onto black mount board. I then cut out he words and coloured around the edges with a black alcohol pen to hide the white edges .

I painted both the Reindeer and the Dove with white Gesso before rubbing Pearl Lustre gilding polish over them both . I added glitter by putting glue onto the areas that I wanted glitter.
The lace is from my stash and the ribbon with pearls on it came from a haberdashery store .

I then glued all the pieces together as shown .
I hope that you are enjoying the tags so far , but there's still two more to come !

Creative Expressions products that I used for this tag :- 
Creative Expressions Clear Stamps, Christmas Past for the holly and 
   Winter Scene for the words .
That Special Touch Mask, Floral Elements and Cross Stitch .
Cosmic Shimmer Texture Paste, Soft White .
MDF Reindeer Accessory Pack and MDF Mega Grab Bag.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Creative Expressions Winter Tags

Tag 2 Pretty Baubles

Hi there , I'm back again with tag 2 of the set of five . I hope you enjoyed the tag yesterday .
I described the background preparation yesterday so we can go straight onto the fun bit of decorating this tag !

To start decorating the tag I stamped and embossed, using Persian Sea Aurora, the ivy from the Carol Stamper stamp set .
I then mixed a little of one of the paint colours with Soft White Texture Paste, before spreading it through a stencil . I used That Special Touch Mask Trellis . Once dry I rubbed some of the mixed Gilding Polish that I made for these tags ( see tag 1 ) . Finally I added dots of glue and sprinkled glitter on it .

The Baubles were stamped and embossed onto mount board using Black Embossing Powder . I cut them out and used a black alcohol ink pen to colour the edges of the mount board and neaten them . I used mount board so that the Baubles stand out on the tag .

I coloured the Baubles with Gilding Polish . This can be used as paints by mixing them with water , and they can be mixed to create the colours needed . I used Purple Paradise , Powder Blue and Fern .
The tops of the baubles are made by tying a ribbon bow around a Pearl Topped Stick Pin and then the baubles and Pins were attached to the tag with dimensional glue .

Creative Expressions products used for this tag :- 
Stamps to Die For , Mini Christmas Scene and Leafy Bauble and  Mini Ornate and Beaded Bauble .
Creative Expressions Clear Stamps , Carol Singers .
That Special Touch Mask, Trellis .
Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder, Persian Sea Aurora.
Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polish Mix as before and Purple Paradise, Powder Blue and Fern .
Creative Expressions Pearl Topped Stick Pins , White .
Cosmic Shimmer Glitterbitz, Vintage Violet .

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Creative Expressions Winter Tags

Hi there , to any and all of you who look at this blog , you may have noticed that I have been rather quiet of late . This is mainly due to being very unwell , which makes it very difficult for me to be creative.
By way of an apology to anyone who regularly checks this blog and particularly to those lovely people at Creative Expressions I have created a set of five large tags with a Winter theme which I will post over the next few days . I hope you enjoy them .

Five Winter Tags .

I have made these tags as a set , so the colours I have used all coordinate . In view of this I an going to explain the preparation for all the tags here and not repeat myself for the other tags . Also I'll give a list here of the items I used which are the same for all the tags so that I don't bore you by repeating them each time !
I've cut all these tags from greyboard . They are all similar sizes but I've made each top slightly different. Once cut out I painted each tag with two coats of white Gesso .

I then made all the backgrounds using a technique inspired by old fashioned sponging . I like this effect but if you are going to stamp on it it can be difficult because the surface will be slightly knobbly. So I add colour using wet wipes to create a similar effect that is smooth . Pick up a little colour onto a scrunched up wet wipe and dab it onto the surface randomly. Because the wipe is wet the colou can then be spread out creating lighter and darker patches .

I tend to start with the darkest colour and work towards the lightes. The blue-purple is a mix of Sea Turtle and Samba Pink. I also used Sea Turtle and Blue Boy . Keep dabbing and spreading the colours until you get a pleasing effect . Finally I added some Flushed Cheeks to add a warm glow .

Here are the finished backgrounds. The lighter ones are created using the same colours but much less paint . By adding different amounts of each colour you will create slightly different effects that all tone together.

Tag 1 Happy Reindeer .

To create the first tag , once the paint is dry I added some texture by spreading clear Texture Paste through a stencil .

I masked part of the stencil so that I could just add some of the snowflakes and once I had spread the Paste through the stencil I pored glitter onto it so that the glitter would stick . The Paste is clear so all that will show is the glitter , but it will be raised .

I stamped the Snowflake ring onto the tag and around the glittered snowflakes (once dry ) with perfect medium and embossed the design with Persian Sea Aurora.

The large stars  are from the Christmas Mega Grab Bag , painted with White Gesso. I  then wiped Pearl Lustre Gilding Polish over them and let it dry .
I mixed three different gilding polishes together to get the colour I wanted and kept it in a sealed pot so I could used on the other tags ( Pearl Lustre, Silver Hessian and Gold Treasure ) . I used this to add colour to the tips of the stars . I then used glue to adhere glitter to the stars and to some flat backed pearls for the centre of the stars .

I used the same method to colour the Reindeer before stamping and Embossing the starry circle onto the Reindeer.

To finish the tag I stuck some lace from my stash at the bottom to suggest snow before adhering the stars and Reindeer to the tag ..

Creative Expressions products used to create the backgrounds:- 
Cosmic Shimmer Gesso White.
Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Mixed Media Paint , Flushed Cheeks, Sea Turtle, Blue Boy and Samba Pink.
Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polish, Pearl Lustre, Silver Hessian and Gold Treasure.
Products used for this tag :- 
Creative Expressions Clear Stamps , Winter Scene.
That Special Touch Mask, Snowflakes .

Cosmic Shimmer Texture Paste, Clear 
MDF Reindeer Accessory Pack and MDF Christmas Mega Grab Bag .
Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder, Persian Sea Aurora.
Cosmic Shimmer Diamond Frost Glitter .
Creative Expressions Self Adhesive Pearls Cream 8mm.

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