Sunday, 10 August 2014

Composition with a Little Birdhouse

I thought that I would add this picture . It started life as a Tim Holtz shadow box  before I started changing things around . As you can see , I have removed some of the little boxes to make an interesting space to put things in.  The little cupboard at the bottom was one of the boxes that  I removed and then I added doors onto it .  The doors are held shut with tiny magnets and open to reveal a treasure box inside . In the next box there is what appears to be a vase - but is in fact a poppy seed head painted with metallic paint . I then put some beads onto the stalk . At the top of the box are some little mushrooms that I made out of card and painted , along with some flowers . The back of the inside of the box is painted and then stamped . As you can see there is a fairy in the box which was the inspiration for the whole design . This explains why there are so many flowers and butterflies etc in the little boxes . I finished the outside with a stamped design and stuck lace around the edges to neaten them up .I really love making and filling this type of box , so I suspect I will show some more in future . Back soon .


  1. Beautiful. I love all the interesting elements that you have included!

  2. This is so pretty Elizabeth and I think I could revisit lots of times and still find something else to see. I love all the butterflies (can never have too many imo) and flowers and the tiny mushrooms are so sweet. Beautiful creation!

    Lesley Xx