Friday, 15 August 2014

Lady in Blue

This lovely lady was inspired by a poem by Lord Byron . " She walks in Beauty like the night " . The painting was created using a pen and wash technique . First I painted the background using acrylic paints and blending the colours together to create a light source . I drew the design in using a permanent black pen before adding colour . Traditionally  the washes are made using water colour paint but I prefer acrylic paint , which can be used to make lovely transparent washes . The colours are cool colours to create the feeling of night as mentioned in the poem . I hope that you like her as much as I do .


  1. Stunning, really stunning beautifully drawn and painted. Envious of your talent xxx

  2. Absolutely beautiful Elizabeth! Your drawing is amazing and complimented perfectly by your wonderful colouring skills.

    Lesley Xx