Sunday, 17 January 2016

Beautiful Hanging

Hi there , l'm back again with a wall hanging which I think will brighten any wall! I've made this in contrasting colours of lilac and peach but it could be made in any colour you choose .
The individual pieces were cut out of heavy cardboard and painted on both sides with the base colour ( i always paint both sides of card or wood because if left unsealed the back can absorb humidity and warp . Also it looks neater ! ) . When all the pieces are decorated they are joined together with jump rings  and a chain is added at the top l

I mixed some of the base colour with texture paste and used this through various stencils to create some texture . I kept the stencilled texture to the sides and corners of the base pieces . Once the paste was dry I stamped swirls in other areas but again kept the stamping to the sides  . To finish the background I rubbed treasure gold around the edges and over the raised areas .    

The quotes were stamped on die cut pieces of white card .which were then stamped with flowers and coloured . The faces were stamped on white card and coloured . I only had one metal frame but really wanted to use this particular frame ! So I made a mould from the frame and then I was able to create enough frames for all three faces using paper clay . Once painted and rubbed with treasure gold the frames were just what I wanted.
I added some lace and then stuck the frames and quotes onto the bases . This is the best time to join all 
the pieces together with jump rings before any embellishments are added .

The flowers were die cut out of various coloured papers ( using a spiral floral die ) and stuck together before sticking them to the project . The butterflies are made from die cutting butterflies from craft metal , which is then covered on both sides with tissue paper , sticking it down using Matt medium . Another layer of Matt medium was painted over both sides of the butterflies to seal the tissue paper . Once dry they can be painted with suitable colours and I painted a layer of metallic glaze over the colour to make the butterflies shimmer .

To create this project I used PaperArtsy paints and glazes . The stamps I used for the quotes were
stamped from ELB05 and 06 . The faces , flowers and swirls are from EEB 03 ,04 and 06 .
To learn more about PaperArtsy and the products used go

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